blisstone was brought to life in january 2009 by musican and producer jo bartmes. the label is a small platform for high quality music projects generated by a circle of musician friends. the musical spectrum of the projects range from live played instrumental soul jazz to computer manipulated electronic music with vocals. in february 09 the first new release on blisstone came out: the soul jazz dynamiters.

in march 2016 is the official release of our ninth production: under cover by cobody featuring singer and guitarist Kosho (Söhne Mannheims), drummer Erwin Ditzner (les primitivs, ex-MardiGras bb) and Jo Bartmes on hammond b3 playing an eclectic mix of originals and very personal versions of some old rock classics - hence under cover.

you can buy all releases here directly from the artists (!!!) via paypal or email order as well as three older bartmes records that have been released on other labels. check out the music of all the blisstone artists by clicking the band links below. enjoy!

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blisstone artists on tour:


06.11.15 Session 88 Schorndorf

07.11.15 Jazzclub Erfurt

12.11.15 Mönchengladbach

13.11.15 Dorsten

14.11.15 Wendlandjazz

08.05.16 Zait-Fest, Zell im Zellertal


12.10.15 Enjoy Jazz Festival, Nationaltheater Mannheim

01.12.15 Benefiz für die Mannheimer Platte, Capitol Mannheim

22.12.15 Benefizfestival für Flüchtlingshilfe, Theater, Worms

12.02.16 Das Haus, Ludwigshafen

19.02.16 Westtorhalle, Murnau

20.02.16 WadW, Glonn bei München

11.03.16 Pfingstbergschule, Mannheim

17.04.16 Gesprächskonzert mit Horst Hamann, SAP App Haus, Heidelberg

07.05.16 Zait-Fest, Zell im Zellertal

13.05.16 Tempel, Karlsruhe

04.06.16 Kultur im Badehaisel, Wachenheim

03.07.16 Blue Nite, Worms

11.11.16 Neuer Landweg, Blaues Haus, Bolanden

12.11.16 Fabrik, Frankfurt







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